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Why dexterity?

Welcome to dexterity brand, it's great to have you here.

Many people find it difficult to get dressed when a shirt has buttons. Are you one?
Did you wait for help to dress today because you couldn't get your shirt on?

Getting pants off can be as big a nightmare sometimes.
First, you struggle with the belt, then a button that is firmly in place, and a fiddley zip!
If you're in the bathroom, are you ever praying you don't have an accident before you get them off?

Have you ever gone to bed fully dressed?

It's very frustrating!

It impacts your day and your independence. These are some of the reasons dexterity brand exists.
My promise is that the products here will make your day less stressed.

I trust you'll like what you find, things that work for everyone.
Let me know.


Simon Watts
Chief Challenge Solver (and ideas man)