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Simply. Buttons make life difficult for everyone.

They are inconvenient in the morning when you're waking up and getting dressed. And if you're a little lazy and don't undo them when you take off your shirt, they're a pain the laundry too. 

For most of us buttons are just an inconvenience we can now do without.

For others buttons make getting dressed in something that looks nice impossible to do themselves.

One man we know with Parkinson's Disease takes thirty minutes to do up his shirt cuff buttons. 30 Minutes!
Thirty minutes extra added to his day just so he can wear a regular button down shirt like he always has and look nice. But he simply can't get his shirt back off without assistance. 

Until now.

Our mission

Be a brand that makes high quality, stylish and functional clothing everyone can enjoy.  This way, there can be availability and choice, and the people who really need our clothing, can make their days more independent ones.

Our motto

Function, Quality & Style

Anything worth having always takes time and effort

Two years of research, learning, listening and product development have resulted in the launch of our first product on 1st June 2016. While we are starting with a range of men's shirts, we have big plans to expand the range with many more innovative products as soon as we are able. We welcome your feedback, input and suggestions.

We are from Gippsland in Regional Victoria

Our home office is located in Sale, Victoria, Australia.
ABN: 24 657 894 850
Simon Watts can be contacted directly via the Contact Us page.
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We are thankful to be supported by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme,
an Australian Government Initiative.