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You've probably been directed here by a store NOT operated or associated with Dexterity Brand

Unfortunately, you probably clicked a link from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of a store NOT associated with Dexterity Brand. 

It seems various T-Shirt stores selling fake t-shirts with stolen artwork (and others products) 'copy and pasted' our FAQ and used it on their store/s. They didn't bother to update links or all the text. That is why you are on this page now. 

(We needed to create a new contact page and update this page with this text because of the number of queries from people like yourself)

If you came from one of these stores, please go back to the store you ordered it from and search for other contact methods.

If they don't have alternate methods to contact them on their store, you may contact your credit card company to arrange a charge-back.

If you contact us via the chat window or our Facebook page about orders from these stores, we can only respond with a link to this page. We can't help you.


If you ordered from Dexterity Brand and have questions.

If you ordered from Dexterity Brand and somehow found your way to this page please accept our apologies for the above. Please contact us via the email address on your order confirmation or click the chat window on the bottom right of the screen. We will need you to leave your email address so we can reply if unavailable.