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Every shirt will make a difference to someone other than the wearer

Simon, the owner of Dexterity Brand knows how blessed we are to live in Australia. He believes that because we are so fortunate, we have an obligation to help those who are marginalised and in poverty.

In response, $5 for every shirt purchased will be gifted to TEAR Australia via the Useful Gifts Catalogue

Simon encourages you to use the Useful Gifts catalogue to purchase 'Useful Gifts' for your friends and family at any time of the year. Often we don't know what to buy someone, or simply need a thoughtful card to send someone, its really wonderful to give them the gift of knowing someone who really needs help, has it.

About TEAR Australia

TEAR Australia was founded in 1971 and produced the first Gift Catalogue of its kind in 1994. They work in partnership with local Christian organisations around the world and with Indigenous Australians to help them address root causes of poverty and marginalisation.

Inspired by Jesus' call to love our neighbours, regardless of background or belief, they focus on projects that seek to improve the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people, uniting communities and empowering men and women as they work together to direct their own future.

TEAR is fully accredited by the Australian Government, and a signatory to the Australian Council For International Development Code of Conduct.